Band Website:
Nefastus Dies


Band Members:

Seb Painchaud -- vocals
Fred Desmeules -- guitar
Frank Lebeau --- guitar
Tim Sanders - bass
Max Ducharme -- drums


01. Fragments Of Poisoned Components
02. Primal Chaos Layers
03. Hate Vector
04. Irony Of Anti-Establishment Ideologies
05. None Of The Above
06. Spawns Of Illegitemacy
07. Cost-Effective Mergers

This is their debut release and all I can say is wow. Candleight has re-released this while the boys are working on new material. The vocalist I understand used to front for Ion Dissonance which is another good band. He's got quite a good repertoire of vocals and goes through all of them on this release. This is a black metal band hailing from Canada and they hone their craft well. This is definitely a pleasurable skull crushing romp through some solid black metal. Their rhythm section blast beats their way through, the guitar riffs come at you in a frenzy, there's some good synth going, and the vocalist rips through you with his guttural growls and howls. Definitely an appetizing listen while we wait on the new shit.