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Band Members:

War-A.N. -- vocals, guitars
Yanuary -- bass
Vac-V -- synthesizers
Darkside -- drums


01. Introduction
02. New Pantheon
03. Arrival 2033
04. NeuThronAeon
05. Superiors
06. Hell Earth
07. Humanmeat Cargo
08. Outer Empire
09. Frozen Hope
10. When The Sun Goes Out...
11. Black Warriors

These heavy hitter hail from Poland and are a fucking delicious mix of death, black, and melodic metal with some industrial for flavor. They've been a bit quiet for a couple of years and have come to kick your fucking asses with this latest release. It's my introduction to the band and they couldn't have cooked up a better feast. They combine death metal vocals with a hint of the black metal symphonic sound cmbiend with blast beats and pounding riffs. Add to that the industrial style atmosphere and you've got a fucking huge record. If this is a band you're not familiar with, you need to check them out. I'd say they're pretty fucking awesome.