Band Website:

Band Members:
Tim Aymar -- vocals
Chris Black -- drums
Chris Kerns -- bass
Matt Johnsen -- guitar


01. Sunrise
02. I Am The Hammer
03. In The Violet Fire
04. By The Night Sky
05. Endlessly
06. The Longest Night
07. Fighting
08. Like A Ghost
09. Up The Gates
10. Never Run

It took me a little bit to get into progressive metal but now I love the stuff and can't seem to get enough of it. This was a very cool CD to listen to. Apparently this is the band's second effort and quite impressive. I thought it was fascinating that the vocalist was in Chuck Schuldiner's band Control Denied. Tim has a very powerful voice that goes well with the music. No whiny stuff which you get sometimes with bands that tend toward the power metal side which this band does. One thing I noticed was there is a bit of an Iron Maiden influence on here. That's just something you pick up on immediately. The music is quite aggressive and the lyrics aren't cheesy which you also get sometimes. Very diverse arrangements on the CD. All in all, I think is a great release.