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Band Members:

Jo Amore -- vocals
Alex Hilbert -- guitars
David Amore -- drums
Yves Campion -- bass
Franck Milleliri -- guitars


01. Nothing Left Behind
02. Battleground For Suicide
03. Queen Of Love & Pain
04. Conspiracy
05. Leader Of The Masquerade
06. Final Procession
07. The Dominion Gate (Part II)
08. The Winds Of Sin
09. Forsaken Child
10. A Thrill Of Death
11. Wicked White Demon
12. Dawn Of Darkness

This is hard hitting metal band that hails from France. This band in the past has had a symphonic sound to it mixed with power metal but they've toned down the symphonic sound on this release. The record itself is quite powerful musically. You'll find a lot of great guitar riffs and melody throughout the album with strong vocals to boot. I was amazed to find out that this particular band has quite a history and has been around for about three decades. These guys play contemporary power metal with an old school attitude. There is a plethora of great songs on this records such as "Battleground For Suicde", "The Winds Of Sin", and "Queen Of Love & Pain". They have a huge drum and guitar sound and almost a thrash sound going. I think this is probably one of their heavier records and it definitely has a lot of raw energy to it. The production is also phenomenal. I think this is definitely a record that should be in everyone's metal collection.