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Ray Detone


Band Members:

Ray Detone -- electric, acoustic, and nylon string guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, drum programming
Greg Morrow -- drums
Chris McHugh -- drums
Eric Darken -- percussion
Percussion -- Richie Gajate-Garcia


01. Lights Down
02. Sexy Heavy
03. Guitar Heavy
04. Tequila Funk
05. La Bomba Beauty
06. Funk You Too!
07. Jazzy Blues Bop
08. March Of Grind
09. Zak Label
10. Spanish Gypsy
11. Spaghetti Score
14. En-twangeled

A lot of times it's hard for me to get into instrumental CDs but this guy blows me away. He is definitely at one with his guitar. There's such a nice variety of music on the CD. He manages to combine shred metal, blues, jazz, latin, and blue-grass and it's great to listen to. This is his third instrumental CD and he picked these songs out of 80 which must have been pretty difficult. I strongly recommend this CD for people who enjoy instrumentals and even those who get bored with instrumentals.