Band Website:
White Willow


Band Members:

Trude Eidtang -- vocals
Lars Fredrick Froslie -- keyboards
Jacob Holm-Lupo -- guitars
Marthe Berger Walthinsen -- bass
Aage Moltke Schou -- drums, percussion
Ketil Einarsen -- woodwinds


01. Night Surf
02. Splinters
03. Ghosts
04. Joyride
05. The Lingering
06. The Dark Road
07. Chrome Dawn
08. Dusk City
09. Ararat

This is a band that hails from Norway. This CD was a bit different. It's very nice and melodic with a bit of aggresiveness. "Night Surf" was a real cool, aggresive song. I am totally blown away by all the different instruments they utilize on this CD. Keyboards, mellotrons, moogs, woodwinds, and a grand piano. The vocals are totally excellent. I also really liked "Splinters" and "The Lingering". "Joyride" is a real upbeat tune. "The Dark Road" is a really nice ballad with tempo changes and some really nice organ playing. All in all a really good record that I'll be listening to for a while.