Band Website:
J.K. Northrup


Band Members:

J.K. Northrup -- guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion
Glenn Hicks, DanZoid -- drums
Johnny Edwards, Kelly Keeling, Terry Ilous, David Zaragoza -- vocals
Ted Poley -- vocals, strings
Michael T. Ross -- piano


01. Black Moon
02. Wired In My Skin
03. Big Blue Sky
04. The Road
05. Perfect Imperfection
06. Mark My Territory
07. Cemented Eyes
08. So Long
09. Metamorphosis
10. Grind Me Down
11. If I Were James Taylor (I Could Finish This Song)

This is J.K. Northrup's second solo release and he has quite an assembly of musicians on this record. Notably amongst them are Kelly Keeling and Terry Ilous. I really loved the first song on the record which is an instrumental and reminds you a lot of Joe Satriani. There are some great guitar riffs on this record and a nice variety of vocals and song tempos. J.K. Northrup's guitar playing is absolutely phenomenal. If you're in the mood for some really great rock and roll reminiscent of Dokken or Joe Satriani, pick this up.