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Band Members:

R.B. Suave -- bass, vocals, percussion
Chopper -- guitar, vocals
Ike -- drums


01. Hog Nuts
02. Better Safe Than Sober
03. Trailer Park Woman
04. Heaven's For The Weather
05. I Think That Stripper Really Likes Me
06. Evil Twin
07. If This Whiskey Was A River

Now you know with a name like Bullcock this isn't some serious introspective band. These are guys who like their rock to roll and their whiskey to flow. They're compared to The Rolling Stones meeting The Ramones in a drunken brawl at a Motorhead show. I think that's pretty accurate. They like to sing about living and loving in Detroit. If you want to hear some raunchy tunes about drugs and trailer parks and drugs and shit like that then pick up this CD and enjoy. And don't forget a 12 pack of Budweiser.