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Band Members:

John Tardy -- vocals
Ralph Santolla -- guitar
Frank Watkins -- bass
Donald Tardy -- drums
Trevor Peres -- guitar


01. Face Your God
02. Lasting Presence
03. Evil Ways
04. Drop Dead
05. Bloodshot
06. Seal Your Fate
07. Feel The Pain
08. Contrast The Dead
09. Second Chance
10. Lies
11. In Your Head

These guys have been around for quite some time and have always kicked ass. I had the opportunity to interview their drummer which was quite an honor. These guys have reunited and have produced an album that definitely has exceeded all expectations. They had to replace Allen West with Ralph Santolla. Interestingly enough when Obituary first got together, their band name was Xecutioner. This marks their return and is their seventh studio album and the best by far I think. Definitely a solid piece of work. It's a diverse record with good fast songs that have great riffs on them plus solos and slower songs that are rather doom influenced. I definitely see better songwriting and guitar work. Long hail Obituary.