Band Website:
Octavia Sperati


Band Members:

Silje -- vocals
Bodil -- guitar
Gyri -- guitar
Trine -- bass
Tone -- synth, keyboards
Ivar -- drums


01. Guilty Am I
02. Moonlit
03. Going North
04. Don't Believe A Word
05. And Then The World Froze
06. The Final Rest
07. Deprivation
08. Provenance Of Hate
09. Dead End Poem
10. submerged

This is a pretty interesting Norwegian band. It consists of one dude and five chicks which is pretty unusual for the most part. They are considered a gothic metal band who songs are very melodic and have a bit of a doom influence. I would have to say that the vocalist of this band is very talented and good at what she does. All in all I found this to be a really great release and it's nice to see some chicks kicking some metal ass.