Band Website:
Omnium Gatherum


Band Members:

Jukka Pelkonen -- vocals
Markus Vanhala -- guitars
Harri Pikka -- guitars
Eerik Purdon -- bass
Aapo Koivisto -- keyboards
Jarmo Pikka -- drums


01. The Snake And The Way
02. Into Sea
03. Dysnomia
04. A-Part Of God
05. Undertaker
06. Bastard-O
07. The Third Flame
08. Just Signs
09. Truth
10. Drudgery
11. In Sane World
12. Spiritual

This is a Finnish death metal band and this is my introduction to them. It's a very solid album that starts off with an acoustic opening with "The Snake And The Way". I noticed that there are two instruments that definitely drive the songs. The keyboards and the guitars. Some songs are keyboard driven, some guitar driven, and some both. The songs are really good. There's a great variety of material and each tune offers something. The solos are great, you have to love the keyboard work and the guitar riffs. They have a new vocalist who I think fits in well with the music. All in all you will find some catchy riffs and a lot of different influences. There's thrash, death metal, traditional, industrial, and even progressive. I think this is a cool release that begs to be listened to.