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Band Members:

Nige Rockett -- guitars
Steve Grice -- drums
Sy Keeler -- vocals
Andy Rosser-Davies -- guitars
Jeff Williams -- bass


01. Burn
02. Killing Peace
03. Destroyer Of Worlds
04. Pain
05. Prayer For The Dead
06. Tested To Destruction
07. Twisted Jesus
08. Planting Seeds Of Hate
09. Shock 'N' Awe

Are we ready for some old school thrash from Britain? Then welcome Onslaught to center stage. These guys came around in the '80s and broke up in 1991 but they are now back again. The record is packed with good solid riffs, melodies, and a variety of speed. Anywhere from speed metal to groove laden mid tempo songs. The record is aggressive and in your face. Buzz saw guitars, soaring vocals, and a huge drum sound are abundant in this release. Sy Keeler has a remarkable vocal range and he exercises it throughout this record. My favorite tune on this record has to be "Shock 'N' Awe" with its great guitar riffs and the intense drumming that has an awesome intro. All in all this is a fantastic release and I think most thrash fans will dig it.