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Band Members:

Nils K. Rue -- vocals
Glen Drover -- guitars
Shawn Drover -- drums
Adrian Robichaud -- bass


01. The Parallel Otherworld
02. Arcturus #9
03. The Eternal Call
04. Ghost World
05. Thousand Winters Old
06. Spirit Sanctuary
07. Order Of The White Light
08. Astral Flight
09. Shadowanderer
10. The Oath

I've had the pleasure of conversing with Glen Drover in the past about this superb band. Basically what I have in hot little hand is thrash riffs with prog keyboards and power metal vocals and I like this very much. This is one band that never disappoints its fans and I feel very fortunate to have this latest release. It's been three years in between records but that's of course because they've been with the almighty Dave Mustaine as a part of Megadeth and who can resist that call? I sure as hell wouldn't. They have a new vocalist who possesses a very wide vocal range. This superb piece of work showcases Glen's superb guitar skills and his brother's intense drumming. My favorite tune on the album has to be the title track "The Parallel Otherworld" just because of its thrash overtones. All in all this is a superb release which will be in my CD player for quite some time.