Band Website:
Iced Earth


Band Members:

Tim Owens -- vocals
Jon Schaffer -- rhythm & lead guitars
Troy Seele -- guitar
Brent Smedley -- drums
Dennis Hayes -- bass


01. Ten Thousand Strong
02. Prophecy
03. Birth Of The Wicked
04. The Coming Curse

Isn't it nice when someone dangles a bone while you're waiting for fresh material? The guys haven't released anything since 2004 so this is definitely a tasty piece of metal until we get the new release. These songs with the exception "Ten Thousand Strong" have been re-recorded and changed a bit which makes this EP a must have. They were originally sung by Matt Barlow so you're getting new versions with Tim Owens at the helm. The songs are strong and dynamic and energetic. Unfortunately they took out the piano intro on "The Coming Curse" but it's still a good song. They added Egyptian chants to it which adds another layer. The songs have a faster pace to them overall. I'm sure older fans will have problems with the songs being redone because a lot of them thought that Barlow's vocals were more enticing and I have to admit that changing vocalists changes the band a lot. However I loved the work Tim did with Judas Priest and I think he's doing a radical job with Iced Earth. And make sure you check out Beyond Fear if you haven't already. All in all this is a tasty morsel while we await the next epic event. Bite in.