Band Website:
Pantheon I


Band Members:

Andrč -- vocals, guitar
Sagstad -- guitar
TRS -- bass
Dan- - drums
Live Julianne -- cello


01. Origin Of Sin
02. The Wanderer And His Shadow
03. Cyanide Storm
04. Coming To An End
05. Shedim
06. Where Angels Burn
07. My Curse
08. Chaos Incarnate

This is another incredible release that is metal but atmospheric at the same time. It features a dude who used to play in 1349. What I thought was really cool about this particular band it's that they have a cello player in addition to the usual instruments. There's some very intense drumming going on as well as kickassed guitar riffs and screams and howls in addition to the cello playing. Definitely another unique release coming out of Candlelight.