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Robert Bryant - beat up thinkpad


01. I Will
02. Ascendance
03. Done
04. Now Wait A Minute
05. Just A Little Touch
06. 5th And Pine
07. Some Old-Fashioned Techno
08. Trendy
09. Served
10. Twilight Session
11. Happy Hardcore Experiment
12. Interlude
13. Fly
14. The End
15. Rave On

I love it when I get stuff like this in the mail. It's totally different, innovating, and intriguing. This music is a combination of many elements such as lounge music, techno, strings, rave, and anything else this guy can find to incorporate into it. It's such a variety of different things that each time you listen to it, you discover something different and new and interesting. It's quite obvious that he likes to experiment with different sounds which is great. He's creative and in some ways innovative. He creates moods and atmospheres that attract the listener. It's the kind of music that you want to play at a party to get people dancing and drinking. All of the music flows and transcends. Great stuff. Give me more.