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Band Members:

Ivan Moni Bidin -- drums, percussion
Fabio D'Amore -- bass, backing vocals
Marco Sandron -- vocals
Alessio Velliscig -- guitars
Gianpaulo Rinaldi -- keyboards


01. Crown Of Thorns
02. Behind The Shadows
03. Aurora
04. Quantic Enigma
05. In Your Arms
06. Sons Of The Sunless Sky
07. The Coldest Lullaby
08. Perpetual Eclipse
09. Poltergeist
10. For The Last Time

This band hails from Italy and is a progressive metal band. I had the pleasure of listening to their debut release and I must say that this sophomoric release exceeds it. That's not to say that the debut CD is bad. I really enjoyed it but this release is amazing. It has a huge symphonic sound to it and some really great technical work that doesn't take away from the melodies. The vocalist is definitely a master of his trade. He has quite a great range. The keyboard work is fantastic. Great harmonies. There were two female guest vocalists on a couple of the songs and that definitely lends a perfect touch to those songs. One of the songs that really appealed to me was "Poltergeist". It's a pretty long song but it kicks ass. Really great riffs, differing vocal styles, and just really beautiful musical work. Not to mention the female vocals added to the mix which lends a great touch. The CD starts off with "Crown Of Thorns" and is extremely energetic with heavy riffs. "Behind The Shadows" starts off with a really cool intro and is an extremely catchy song. "Aurora" is a fantastic tune as well. It's got an atmospheric quality to it with different tempo changes and a really good guitar solo. All in all, the CD is extremely impressive. Great quality in musicianship and a really nice variety of songs. These guys deliver quite a bit of talent and you're missing on some great progressive metal if you don't pick this up.