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Band Members:

Marco Sandron -- vocals
Fabio D'Amore -- bass
Alessio Velliscig -- guitars
Ivan Moni Bidin -- drums
Gianpaolo Rinaldi -- keyboards


01. Free Of Doubt
02. Faded Crystals
03. Lines To Follow
04. Scent Of Snow
05. Sorrow Never Dies
06. The Sad Game
07. In Salicis Umbra
08. Strange Kind Of Energy
09. Emerald City

This band hails out of Italy and has to be one of the most fascinating bands I've listened to in a while. Their style of music is progressive metal and their musical abilities are amazing. The songwriting is fantastic and the vocals are really phenomenal. They're not so technical that they lose sight of melody. The CD strikes me as a concept album and I think that it definitely is best listened to as a whole instead of picking out tunes. There's also really great production on this record so I think it is definitely worth picking up.