Band Website:
Deaf Pedestrians

Band Members:

Russ Dignam -- drums
Jason Hall -- guitars
Eric Hartis -- bass
Chuck Parker -- vocals
Garrin Walker -- guitars


01. Listen Up
02. Splatter
03. 15 Beers Ago
04. Super Nice Guy
05. Jerry Girl
06. Vampire Girl
07. Walk Out On Me
08. Empty
09. Dirty
10. Bar Of Dope
11. Pauper
12. Yuppie Scum Mantra
13. We The Sheeple

These guys just flat out fucking rock. They are from my city of Dallas and one of the best bands on the music scene here. They are an awesome live band as well. The guitar work is great on this CD and I think my favorite song on here has to be "15 Beers Ago". There's just something about that song that I love. Mainly that it mentions beer. Their lyrics are cynical which I can relate to. And they just fucking rock. Pick up the disc!