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Band Members:

Nick Barrett -- guitar, vocals
Clive Nolan -- keyboards
Peter Gee -- bass


01. And We'll Go Hunting Deer
02. Fallen Dreams And Angels
03. A Man Of Nomadic Traits
04. World's End
05. The Voyager
06. Alask
07. The Pursuit Of Excellence
08. 2 AM
09. Dark Summer's Day
10. Unspoken Words

Pendragon is undoubtably a very good progressive band and in this concert they did in Warsaw, Poland, you can tell that they also excel in an acoustic setting. It just goes to show how strong their writing abilities are. They can strip down and still come across with strong and well crafted songs. There's more of an emphasis on the vocals which is cool because sometimes they can get lost withn a wall of sound. What's really cool is that they explain before each song about how the song came into being which can be pretty interesting. All in all it's a very good performance with a nice intimate atmosphere.