Band Website:
People In Planes


Band Members:

Gareth Jones -- vocals
Kris Blight -- bass
Peter Roberts -- guitar
John Maloney -- drums
Ian Russell -- keyboards


01. Barracuda
02. For Miles Around (Scratch To Void)
03. If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)
04. Moth
05. Rush
06. Token Trapped Woman
07. Falling By The Wayside
08. My Black Widow
09. Light For The Deadvine
10. Penny
11. Fire
12. Narcoleptic

This band hails from the UK and their major influences seem to be Muse and Radiohead. They defintely do a good job of mixing their influences into their music and coming up with some fresh new stuff. It's nice to see bands reach intot the past and craft something modern sounding with the spices of the past. The record starts off kind of slow with the first tune but they're just luring you into what turns out to be a very guitar heavy and angst ridden selection of songs that are at times moody and atmospheric but always relying on good guitar riffs and eclectic vocals. There's definitely a heavy Radiohead influence but not overwhelmingly so. The musical compositions are varied and extremely creative. Definitely quite intricate melodies. All in all for a debut release, these guys have crafted a good piece of music.