Band Website:
Jereon Paul Thesseling


Band Members:

Patrick Mameli -- lead guitars, vocals
Patrick Uterwijk -- lead guitars
Jeroen Paul Thesseling -- bass guitar
Marco Foddis -- drums


01. Out Of The Body
02. Twisted Truth
03. The Process Of Suffocation
04. Parricide
05. Mind Reflections
06. Dehydrateds
07. Land Of Tears
08. Hatred Within
09. The Secrecies Of Horror
10. Subordinate To The Domination
11. Dehydrated (live)
12. Chemotherapy (live)
13. Presence Of The Dead (live)
14. Testimony (live)
15. Chronic Infection (live)
16. Out Of The Body (live)
17. Mind Reflections (video)

This particular band was quite an interesting outfit and very innovative for their time I think. These guys incorporated anything from thrash to jazz fusion into their death metal style music and it was always a treat to listen to what they came up with next. Unfortunately they split up in 1993 but not before they treated us to some of the most intriguing death metal records. This release is a best of compilation which takes songs off of four albums and also treats you to some live tunes and a video. The live tracks are from the Dynamo Open Air Festival in 1992. I think for anyone who isn't familiar with this band, this is a good way to start. All four records they put out were totally diverse and no record is the same as the other. They pulled it off great. So pick this up and check it out!