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Band Members:

Matt Johnsen -- guitar
Tim Aymar -- vocals
Chris Kerns -- bass
Chris Black -- drums


01. Speak To Me
02. Dark New Life
03. No Remains
04. Red Honor
05. Buried At Sea
06. Rats And Rope
07. Cover Your Eyes And Pray
08. Telepath
09. Be Gone

You know I read reviews about CDs while I'm listening to stuff and getting a feel for it and I am really amazed at some people. They whine about how there isn't anything original or standing out or blab, blab, blab. Folks, it's already out there. We've reached the point where people play three chords on a guitar, do blast beats on drums, and scream and growl in a microphone. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that because I dig on a lot of that shit but this is where we stand right now. Originality has been done. Now, let's get back to enjoying good, well played, stellar metal. Shall we? Pharaoh is a band that I've reviewed before. I reviewed their CD The Longest Night and I was impressed with these boys back then. I also like this release. I think the music on it is great. I think that the label these guys are on have a stellar and top-notch roster of bands and these boys are one of those top-notch bands. Make no mistake about it, they are great musicians and they compose really good songs. Great riffs, great melodies, and a lot of musical intricacy is what you can expect with these guys. Don't expect all this major originality. Expect great metal and enjoy it for what it is. Great metal.