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Band Members:

Joey Napurano -- drums, vocals
Rob Mackaravitz -- lead guitar
Jared Crowley -- bass
Richy Weislo -- keyboards
Gus Pazas -- rhythm guitar


01. Ritter
02. Blast Off
03. The Blackthorn
04. Caught In The Reign
05. Regen

I've listened to this CD numerous times and I like it more each time I listen to it. These guys are out of the New Jersey area. I couldn't believe how many bands out there call themselves Phoenix Down. This is the band from Union, NJ. This band totally rocks. Passionate singing, great vocal harmonies, and tight musicianship. What more can you ask for? The songs are nice and diverse. I can only imagine what these boys must sound like live. If this EP is any indication, I can't wait for more.