Band Website:
Pilot Speed


Band Members:

Todd Clark -- vocals
Ruby Bumrah -- bass
Chris Geenough -- guitar
Bill Keeley -- drums


01. Knife-Grey Sea
02. Barely Listening
03. A Kind Of Hope
04. Over-Ground
05. Don't Stare
06. I Won't Blame You
07. Turn The Lights On
08. Into Your Hideout
09. Alright
10. Ambulance
11. Hold The Line
12. Into The West

You can definitely hear the influences of Radiohead, Crowded House, U2, and many others in this band. They hail from Canada even though the vocalist is originally from New Zealand. They were formerly known as Pilate but for some reason or other they had to change their name to Pilot Speed. From what I understand this record is a combination of two albums that they released. The record is a combination of angst and ballads and has a bit of a somber edge to it. All of the songs are just flat great. The melodies and the hypnotic influence of the vocalist definitely keep you spellbound throughout the listening experience. You can't really pinpoint any particular songs. You find yourself liking them all. They definitely have their own unique sound so for those who are looking for something a bit different these guys are it.