Band Website:
Eonian Records


Band Members:

Faster Freddie Brecht -- vocals, ryhthm guitar, bass
Scotti Ryan -- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass
Rob Straton -- bass
Don Ferguson -- drums


01. Conversation Piece
02. Message In A Bottle
03. Dreams Come True
04. Be My Girl
05. Hard Way
06. Gone Away
07. Stocks And Blonds
08. Still Running Wild
09. Talk Of The Town
10. Wish Upon A Star

This has been laying on my desk for a bit and I popped it in the player today and went back in time to a day when people knew how to fucking rock. When people knew how to write good rocking tunes and knew how to have fun. This release was produced by Chip Z'Nuff who we all know well and love. Interestingly enough the bass player for the band was in Lilian Axe at one time. This band is basically a sleaze rock band they formed back in 1988. All the songs on the record are good rockers. The songs are catchy and it's quite apparent that the band is definitely influenced by Lillian Axe and Enuff Z'Nuff. I'm really wondering why on earth I didn't hear any of this band's stuff back in the day because they could definitely could have rocked with the best of them. I guess better late than never.