Band Website:
Portugal The Man


Band Members:

John Baldwin Gourley -- vocals, guitar, synthesizers, programming
Zachary Scott Carothers -- bass, percussion
Jason Wade Sechrist -- drums, percussion, congas


01. Church Mouth
02. Sugar Cinnamon
03. Telling Tellers Tell Me
04. My Mind
05. Shade
06. Dawn
07. Oh Lord
08. Bellies Are Full
09. Children
10. The Bottom
11. Sleeping Sleepers Sleep
12. Sun Brother

This was a pretty cool CD. It's reminiscent of bands from the 70's with a modern or even futuristic touch to it. I was amazed at how varied the songs were and yet the flow of the CD is seamless. There's an atmospheric feel to it. You can sit there and close your eyes and just listen to the beautiful songs on this release with some latte in your hand. This is a record that you have to listen to from beginning to end. You can't skip any tracks or else you'll miss out on something. This is also the kind of record that if you listen to it a few times you discover more and more things that you didn't notice before. This is not for the faint of heart.