Band Website:
Sonus West Records


Band Members:

Dave Thomas -- drums, percussion, vocals
K.C. Thomsen -- keyboards, vocals
Tom Svanoe -- bass
Dan Shay -- guitars


01. Edge Of Fire
02. After The Deluge
03. Giving Chase
04. Excursion
05. Lhasapsodic
06. Yatazza
07. Walking Through Walls
08. Sonia
09. At The Zoo
10. Ethereal

This CD was definitely an interesting listen. It mixes jazz, metal, progressive rock, and classical music. This is their second release and their music is definitely what one would term grandiose. I mean the musical passages are just titallating. Someone described the music as emotional, refined, and beautiful and I definitely second that notion. I highly recommend that people check this release out. This band keeps your attention all the way through.