Band Website:
Blinded Colony


Band Members:

Johan Schuster -- vocals
Tobias Olsson -- guitar
Johan Blomstrom -- guitar
Roy Erlandsson -- bass
Stafan Franzen -- drums


01. My Halo
02. Bedtime Prayers
03. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
04. Need
05. Revelation, Now!
06. 21st Century Holocaust
07. Aaron's Sons
08. In Here
09. Heart

These guys are among a fine group of Swedish musicians who have blazed down the metal trail. This release is a fine example of musicianship and what you can do with great guitar riffs and melodic catchy keyboards and a tight rhythm section. These guys remind me of such fine acts as In Flames and Soilwork. I like how the vocalist can intertwine clean vocals and growls with total ease. There are no bad songs on here and no filler material. Definitely a disc that can be enjoyed from start to finish.