Band Website:
Daniele Liverani


Band Members:

Dennis Ward -- vocals
Daniele Liverani -- keyboards, bass
Tommy Ernolli -- guitars
Dario Ciccioni -- drums


01. A New Promise
02. Alone
03. Let It Burn
04. Looking For You
05. All That I Have
06. The Damage Is Done
07. After The Way
08. You Can't Take Me
09. Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Fields Of Fire
11. If You Dare To Dream
12. Give In To the World
13. All Is Gone

I've been a huge Pink Cream 69 fan for quite a while and it was pretty thrilling to have something with Dennis Ward singing on it come across my desk. The record is modern sounding and has some pretty passionate singing on it. This is Dennis Ward's debut as a vocalist and he definitely nails it. The musicianship is very tight and I was surprised to learn that the guitarist is only 17 years old. What a lucky kid! This is the second release from these guys and what's really cool is that the songs are written by different people. The songs are great and of very great quality. People should definitely check this out.