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Band Members:

Mikael Jorgensen -- vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, vibraphone
Greg O'Keeffe -- drums, percussion
Erik Paparazzi -- guitar
Tunde Oyewole -- bass


01. Tectonics
02. Ginny Wrapped In The Sun
03. Einladung
04. Catch That Martian
05. The Cheetah
06. Biarritz
07. Tardigrades
08. Roebling
09. The Monster
10. Marsella Rambla
11. Soybot
12. rRan

After having a rather rough week coming out Christmas I decided to sit down and listen to music and write reviews. So I popped this one in first and I found it rather soothing and calming. Mikael Jorgensen is the keyboardist in the band Wilco and this is his side project. It's what people consider experimental music and it's not half bad. Maybe it's not something you'd want to listen to all the time but the thing about music is that there are different types for different moods. This is the type of music you want to listen to for a calming, atmospheric effect. Apparently they were experimenting with new forms of technology and it defintely makes it an interesting record. They even have Bob Geldof speaking on "Soybot". All in all it's a nice ambient CD.