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Band Members:

Gary Meskil -- vocals, bass
Tom Klimchuck -- guitar
Marshall Stephens -- guitar
JC Dwyer -- drums


01. The New Reality
02. All For King George
03. Pigs In Clover
04. Beyond The Pale
05. Three Minutes Hate
06. Heads Will Roll
07. Company Jerk
08. Impeach, Indict, Imprison
09. Leveler
10. Iraqnam
11. Live Free (Or Die Trying)

I enjoyed listening to this CD. I have the same feelings about our esteemed jackass that these guys have. So that already got this release on my good side. I'll be honest. I can't stand George Bush. He looks like a fucking ape. It's just that apes have more sense and aren't as fucking stupid as this man is. With that being said, Pro-Pain have come back with an in your face honesty that would make Bush shit his pants. Rumor has it he did once. The whole album is nearly a conceptual piece about how fucked up shit really is. Couple that with some fierce vocals and heavy guitar riffs and you can really sit there and get some of this shit out of your system. The songs make you want to stage dive off your kitchen counters and wave your fucking fists in the air. Fuck politicians, consumerism, religious zealots, and any other assholes. Pro-Pain are here to make a stand.