Band Website:

Band Members:

Stefan Hertrich -- vocals
Yana Veva -- vocals
Gaby Koss -- vocals
Maurizio Guolo -- drums
Kajuyali Tsamani -- flutes, percussion
Christian Bystron -- guitars
Rene Bertihaume -- guitars
Markus Glanz -- guitars


01. This Battle Is Yours
02. Symphony Of Life
03. Nahash
04. PUlse
05. Khundas
06. You Believe
07. Save And Heal
08. Nowhereness
09. Multimedia Section

Ethno metal. Well this is something totally new and totally different and fucking awesome. I sat there listening to this disc and was just totally amazed. I played it for friends and they were blown away. It's hard and heavy music and beautiful at the same time. It's hard to describe but I can tell you that the CD keeps your attention throughtout. You'll be captivated by the lyrics, the melody lines, the instrumentation, and the vocals. It's metal overlaid with Aisan, European, Latin, and African sounds along with Native American instrumentation. There's also a vast multimedia section that has a video clip, writings about Gothic metal and the effect it has on listeners, and a background song. This CD isn't for the faint of heart but I promise you that you will enjoy it.