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Pearl And The Pumpkin

Band Members:

Daniel Freedman -- words, lyrics, production


01. Littletown
02. Prettiest Pumpkin
03. Who's Afraid
04. The Magic Mountain
05. Dodger
06. It's Halloween Tonight
07. Nothing Like A Pie
08. The Pirates Pact
09. Captain Bing
10. Being Alive
11. Annalee
12. It Really Doesn't Matter
13. There Was A Whale
14. Storm Song
15. Coral Caves
16. School Of Fish Ballet
17. Right Before My Eyes
18. When Dreams Come True

Every once in a while we get something that might not fit the zine totally but we think is worth a listen. This CD was so fun. Even if you're not a kid this was a fun CD to listen to. There's a cool story line that is based on a story that was written in 1904 and has been updated. The music is upbeat, fun, and the singing is great. I totally enjoyed it. It's not my usual fare but I always enjoy other stuff. If you have kids I would pick this up for them. I would love to see a DVD of this cute musical.