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Band Members:

Phil Mogg -- vocals
Pete Way -- bass
Vinnie Moore -- lead guitar
Andy Parker -- drums
Paul Raymond -- guitars, keyboards


01. Hard Being Me
02. Heavenly Body
03. Some Other Guy
04. Who's Fooling Who
05. Black And Blue
06. Drink Too Much
07. World Cruise
08. Down By The River
09. Good Bye You
10. Rolling Man
11. Kingston Town

UFO is quite a legendary rock band. Not only do they have some really classic tunes but in a time where trendy music seems to be king, the guys in UFO still deliver good, solid hard rock. Vinnie Moore is a phenomenal guitarist and adds his chops to this latest release and drummer Andy Parker has returned to the fold. This is definitely one of UFO's best release to date. The music is definitely old school rock and roll and a great mixture of rock and blues. Great guitar chops and a straight ahead drumming groove make this release a must have. I think "Hard Being Me" is a great opening track and you are rocked and rolled all the way through. It's great to see that this legendary band is still out there making great music.