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01. So Many People
02. Are Solar
03. I Will Always Be Your Fool
04. Me Myself And I
05. Crazy Sheila
06. Until I Die
07. Fearless
08. Boneheads
09. Frankenstein
10. So Now You Know
11. For The Boy

This was a CD that I cranked up loud. There is nothing better than unpretentious guitar riff driven rock with lyrics that have substance and attitude and poke fun at life in general. There's kind of an industrial feel to this release as well which I love. Apparently this guy wrote, produced, and played nearly all the instruments on here. His name is Jason Darr and I guess his work ethic is if you want it done right, do it all yourself. Well, he definitely did it right. This guy starts rocking your ass from beginning to end. If this is his debut release, I can't wait to hear the next one.