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Band Members:

Tobias “Neo” Althammer -- vocals
Richard Seibel -- keyboards
Markus Ullrich -- guitars
Kai Schindelar -- bass
Jurgen “General” Schrank -- drums


01. Another Golden Rage
02. The Unrestrained
03. Dispraise
04. Transmigration
05. Eclipse
06. Shades Of Black
07. The Voice Within
08. In Silence
09. Eternally
10. What...For
11. Outliving The Ages

I really enjoyed listening to this CD because there isn't a single song on it that's bad. Every once in a while you get a CD like that. The songs rock your ass off and there's a ballad or two as well. The CD is very fast paced, powerful, and the arrangements are pretty complex. The guitar riffs are powerful and the vocals are fantatic. This is definitely how a power metal band should sound. And believe me you'll play this CD over and over.