Band Website:
Raging Speedhorn


Band Members:

Bloody Kev -- vocals
Gareth Smith -- guitar
Dave Thompson -- bass
Gordon Morison -- drums
Jay Thompson -- guitar
John Loughlin -- vocals


01. Lies And Deceit
02. The Stain
03. Damned Below Judas
04. Drinking With The King Of The Dead
05. Forever War
06. Feeding The Demons
07. Floating
08. Let Them Hate
09. Absolution

Our boys are back better than ever. There's been a lineup change of the vocalist and bassist but that hasn't caused the band to miss a beat. The guys have experimented with their sound a little bit and have incorporated some punk, sludge, hardcore, and metal into the mix. The songs are quite varied with some being rather discordant and others being very melodic. The dual vocals are great. They vary between shrillness and ominous and really get the point across. The record overall is heavy and just flat amazing. Definitely pick it up.