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Band Members:

ZP Theart -- vocals
Herman Li -- guitars, vocals
Sam Totman -- guitars, vocals
Vadim Pruzhanov -- keyboards, piano, vocals
Dave Mackintosh -- drums, vocals


01. Through The Fire And Flames
02. Revolution Deathsquad
03. Storming The Burning Fields
04. Operation Ground And Pound
05. Body Breakdown
06. Cry For Eternity
07. The Flame Of Youth
08. Trail Of Broken Hearts

This is a very cool power metal band. It's the first I've heard about them so this was my introduction to the band. The guitar work on this CD is amazing. The drums are fast paced and have a good rhythm while the vocals are aggressive and in your face but at the same time very melodic. I also like the song arrangements. I am very impressed with what I heard and I think people will love this shit.