Band Website:
Merendine Atomiche


Band Members:

Luca Zandarine -- vocals
David Bisson -- lead guitar
Luca Securo -- guitars, acoustic guitars
Dario Bianchi -- bass
Luca Cerardi -- drums


01. In The Cage
02. Roads And Beers
03. Raw
04. Peace Means War?
05. I Want To Be A Man
06. Ocean's Shadows
07. Zero Degrees
08. Breathe The Big Apple
09. We Didn't Know
10. Shake For Me
11. O,4 I

It's my understanding that this is their second full-length release. This band hails from Italy and I don't think I've ever seen so many dudes named Luca in one band. Reminds me of The Juliana Theory where most of the guys were named Josh. These gusy basically incorporate rock, metal, and thrash. The guitar work is stellar on this album and there's even a ballad on here. The vocals are quite powerful and strong. There's a really good solo on "Ocean's Shadows" which I thought was incredible. The band may be heavy as hell but melody plays a strong role in all of their songs. This is my introduction to this band and I am truly impressed with this release.