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Band Members:

Mark Antoni -- vocals
Paul Laganowski -- guitar
Takis Kinis -- guitar
Steve Post -- bass
Mike Olson -- drums


01. Rise
02. Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder)
03. Fragile Earth
04. Energetic Discontent
05. Gateway
06. Final Solution
07. The Brainchild
08. La Flamme's Theory
09. Dick
10. Knee Deep In Blood
11. Suiciety
12. One More Red Nightmare (bonus)

This was another cool thrash band that had a pretty distinct sound of their own. This was their second release. A lot of people feel this was an even better album than their debut was but that's to be expected. It's still a nice thrashy album but it has a technical sound to it. Very progressive for that sort of band I think. It's very intricate and it takes the listener a few spins before they get into it. I think it's basically because with each spin you keep discovering something you didn't notice before. The record flows really well and it's obvious that the vocalist has settled into his own. Unfortunately I believe this was the band's last release which is a shame. I think this band deserves to be looked at.