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Band Members:

Rob Beckley -- vocals
Lester Estelle -- drums
Noah Henson -- guitar
Kalel -- bass
Joey "Cinco" Avalos -- guitar


01. Everything
02. Awake
03. When Tomorrow Comes
04. The Reckoning
05. Tragedy
06. Last Goodbye
07. Angel In Disguise
08. Elysian
09. Crossfire
10. Resolution
11. Sometimes
12. Wherever The Wind Blows
13. Chasing Shadows At Midnight

The cool thing about this CD is that it's quite diverse. You don't have the same songs over and over again. Some of the tunes are quite aggressive, some are more pop in nature, and some are rock. "Elysian" is a cool tune in that it's an instrumental. The lyrical content is Christian in nature so for people of that faith, that's a plus. What's cool is that there is also a DVD for people to enjoy. Definitely a cool listen. These guys are very talented at what they do.