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Band Members:

Alan wilder -- keyboards
Joe Richardson -- guitars, harmonica
Richard Lamm -- drums
John Wolfe -- bass
Hepzibah Sessa -- violin, viola


01. Prey
02. Allelujah
03. 5000 Years
04. Killing Ground
05. Intruders
06. 99 To Life
07. Backslider

Alan Wilder was a member of Depeche Mode and eventually wandered off and did a couple of CDs on his own. This is his third release. It's electronica and it's an interesting mixture of hip-hop beats, strings, and rather complex musical arrangements. The CD is in a rather dark mood talking about what all makes us feel subhuman. The CD touches on themes of death, murder, religion, and oppressiveness. In the midst of all that darkness you get these atmospheric vocals. You also get some blues guitar on here. I'd say that this CD deserves a listen because he really does some fantastic work on it. It's totally interesting and different. You get drawn into it.