Band Website:
Rob Falgiano


Band Members:

Rob Falgiano -- vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, percussion
Jonathan Hughes -- bass, mellotron
Eric Starr -- drums, percussion
Jim Palys -- drums, percussion
Nelson Starr -- keyboards
Joe Rozler -- keyboards
Dave Wittman -- harmonica
Maria Sebastian -- vocals
Tom Fenton -- electric guitar
Mark Krurnowski -- electric guitar
Jim Bohm -- trumpet
Ken Witman -- tenor sax
Ken Petersen -- pedal steel
Jim Iarocci -- double bass
Chris Bergson -- electric guitar
John Allen -- electric guitar


01. Move As One
02. Smiling Through
03. Sometimes It's Nice
04. Restless
05. Do I Come In Like The Dream I'm Meant To Be?
06. A Little Bit Of Shake It
07. The Way It Feels
08. Go Madeline
09. Front Line
10. Something Is Happening
11. Wreck And A Half
12. Love Is All There Is

This is an interesting piece of work. Kind of a mixture of reggae, rock, emo, and country. Very introspective lyrics. What really made this record was the use of instruments outside of your normal guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. There's a sax and a trumpet as well. You can really relate to a lot that this guy is singing about. The guy is just a great songwriter and a very good vocalist. This is one of those rare gems that comes across my desk and while it may not be metal, it's something you need to seek out and listen to.