Band Website:
Kevin DuBrow


Band Members:

Kevin DuBrow -- vocals
Frankie Banali - drums
Tony Franklin -- bass
Neil Citron -- guitar


01. Free
02. Blind Faith
03. South Of Heaven
04. Black Reign
05. Old Habits Die Hard
06. Strange Daze
07. In Harm's Way
08. Beggars And Thieves
09. Don't Think
10. It Sucks To Be You
11. Evil Woman

I've been a Quiet Riot fan since my middle school days. I remember sitting in front of the TV rocking out to their videos. "Bang Your Head" was my fucking anthem. Now many years later they come out with their latest offering and while it still has that vibe and Kevin's talented vocals it's also more modern in sound and I think it's great. It doesn't have that party vibe of years past but it's a more mature release for guys who have grown. It's got a really nice bluesy sound to it and Glenn Hughes is featured on their cover of "Evil Woman". I'm really impressed with this release and I think the boys have outdone themselves. Just shows what a little rehab can do for you.