Band Website:
Slow Motion Reign


Band Members:

Narek Pogosyan -- vocals, bass, piano, organ
Sam Babayan -- guitars
Erwin Khachikian -- keyboards, rhoades, programming, bass
Vigen Sayadian -- drums, percussion


01. Twilight Skylight
02. Isn't It Time (Rats)
03. Embryonic
04. Via Satellite
05. Shining Days
06. Habits
07. No Way, No How
08. Stay Awake
09. Life Simulator
10. Sea Of Separation
11. Silent Movie
12. Space

I totally dug this record. The description of them being a mix of Pink Floyd and Beatles is pretty apt. They've got the best of both influences and it shows. A lot of atmosphere and progressive music that's catchy and enjoyable. Great vocals and songwriting. Narek Pogsyn has a beautiful voice and great delivery. I was surprised to hear that Serj Tankian produced this but that just goes to show that you can't attribute one musical genre to someone. Some of the really great songs are "Twilight Skylight", "Via Satellite", and "No Way, No How". "No Way, No How" is a great acoustic tone to it and you hear a bit of Middle Eastern influence as well. The lyrical content of the songs make you think a bit. They're very provoking I think. It's just really a fantastic release.