Band Website:
Ghost Machinery

Band Members:

Pete Ahonen -- guitar, vocals
Tapsa Pelkonen -- bass
Jussi Ontero -- drums, keyboards


01. World Of Unbelievers
02. Blinded Eyes
03. Temples Of Gold
04. Evil Within Us
05. Down In Flames
06. Dreamworld
07. From The Edge Of The World
08. Darkest Hour
09. Fallen Angels
10. Heaven Or Hell
11. In Your (Evil) Dreams
12. Out In the Fields
13. Shadows

This power metal outfit hails from Finland. I'm totally falling in love with this country. They offer up hard rock bands, black metal bands, death metal, power metal. Finland is making itself known. Listening to this CD was like riding a wild horse. Talk about galloping guitar riffs. The kind of power driving kick in the ass you need. Someone described this band as a cross between Iron Maiden and Helloween which are bands that I love so these guys are definitely worth listening to. I thought the songwriting was definitely impressive and I love good lyrics. They basically covered the gamut from hard rock to progressive rock to metal. I think there's something on here for everyone so check these boys out.