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Band Members:

George Machuga -- vocals
Bob Petrosino -- bass
David Fesette -- guitar
Frank Bonnano -- guitar
Charlie Alaimo -- guitar
Tom Picciotti -- guitar
Chris Kelly -- drums
John Proveaux -- drums


01. Scarred For Life
02. Bilnd Faith
03. Germ Warfare
04. D.O.A.
05. Involuntary Bio-conflagration
06. Product Of The Environment
07. Why Did Johnny Kill
08. Red Jack
09. Carnage
10. Contents Under Pressure
11. Necrocide
12. Life After Death Row
13. Life After Death War
14. Portrait Of A Maggot
15. Scarles Of Injustice
16. Coup D'etat
17. No Code
18. Mind Ripper

This is a fine mixture of thrash, death metal, and a bit of hardcore thrown in for good measure. This is a re-release of their demos and it's some pretty good shit. The demos were "War Gives Me Piece Of Mind", "Why Did Johnny Kill", and "Contents Under Pressure". Apparently they have a bit of a cult following and I can understand why. These guys kick ass. You have clean vocals over a thrashy mix of music. The tracks that I think I liked most were "Coup d'Etat", "Carnage", and Portrait Of A Maggot". I guess you could call this retro-thrash. Apparently they're trying to get the word out that they're back in business so email these guys at It's only seven bucks and I think it's well worth it.