Band Website:
Killing Spree

Band Members:

Eric Hansen -- bass guitar, lead vocals
James Murray -- guitar, vocals
Mike Taylor -- drums, vocals


01. King Of Sand
02. Garden Of Heathen
03. Infection
04. Devilution
05. Power Of hate
06. Killing Spree
07. Disgrace
08. The Cleansing
09. Hollow Structure
10. Big Bang
11. Going Nowhere
12. After The End

I love Bay Area thrash and these guys deliver on that score. It's the classic style and very well done musically. The vocalist has a pretty good range. The music is fast paced, solid, and melodic. These guys definitely remind me of back in the day with Hirax and Testament. Definitely a good thing to get some more gritty thrash. Keep up the good work.