Band Website:
Riddle Of Steel


Band Members:

Andrew Elstner -- guitars, vocals
Rob Smith -- drums
Jimmy Vavak -- bass, vocals


01. John Frum
02. This Van Burns Love
03. Who's The Fella Owns This Shithole?
04. Underwater
05. Quiet Now
06. Plenty Of Satisfaction
07. It's Called A Turbo
08. Loose Talk
09. Total Cougar
10. Easy Love

These guys know how to write a good rock album. It's got a 70's vibe to it and the music is totally catchy. This is the kind of rock music people should be putting out. Songs that are well written, melodic, and rock. I really love the first song, "John Frum". They start the record out with a catchy, toe tapping tune that has an interesting break it in that reminds me a bit of math rock. The whole vibe of the record is just fist pumping in the air, good times. They have a vocalist who has a nice, strong voice and carries off all the songs brilliantly. I can't find a single song on here that isn't worthy of being listened to. The guitar work on the album is brilliant as well. Good riffs with a bit of distortion in there. The drumming really stands out on this one as well. All in all a great rock CD.